Isothermic Insulated rolls for standard 20 and 40 ft containers.

It isolates the inner side of the container from any external change of temperature. Due to its thin thickness, it doesn’t decrease the effective capacity of the containers. It is also possible to wrap palletizing goods. Easy collocation and dismantling. You can prepare the containers in your own premises or in ours. If needed, we may also load them for you.

Specifications: The rolls are composed of two pieces of polyethylene, with 4 mm cells each one, they are thermally welded at three points with an external aluminum coating.

A. We can supply kits of 20' and 40' to 120 m. high. | Kit for 20' 1 roll 45 mL. x 120 high. | Kit for 40' 2 rollos 45 mL. x 120 high.
B. We can supply kits of 20' and 40' to 235 m. high. | Kit for 20' 1 roll 26 mL. x 235 high. | Kit for 40' 1 roll 43 mL. x 235 high.

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