Designed for transportation of liquids in big bags.

IBC flexible designed to transport liquids on liners.

Uses: oil, juice, water, wine, detergents, additives, emulsions, lubricants, ink, concentrates, pharmaceuticals, etc.

Single use, flexible IBC.
Unload from top or bottom.
All materials suitable for foodstuffs.
Smaller sizes available on request.
Uses the cubic capacity of containers or trailers.
Can be stacked two high to optimise space.
Easy to assemble, unload and recycle.
Profitable and low cost.
Collapsible to take up less room.
Technical information:
Volume: 1,000 L
Loading and unloading: Top Filling & discharge.
Dimensions: 1050 x 1050 x 970 (without 2 Ply PE Liquid Film + PP Fabric Outer)

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