Designed to transport liquids in containers.

Designed to transport liquids in containers.

Oil, juice, water, wine, detergents, additives, emulsions, lubricants, ink, etc.

No special requirements for use. Exerts no pressure on sides of the container.
Requires no wood, steel, polystyrene or any other plastic used by these.
Can be assembled by a single person in just 2 minutes.

Allows liquids to be transported in standard containers.
Designed for single-use packaging.
Cost saving.
Flexibility, boost container availability.
No need to wash after transport.

Technical information:
Volume: 16,000 to 24,000 litres
Dimensions: 2900 x 6400 mm
Valve: PP 22 or 3 "UM

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Liquid container constructed of multiple layers of polyethylene with an outer covering of woven polyproylene with volume from 14000 up to 24000 liters.

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